A Few Words From our Happy Customers

मैं फिल्मों में शादियां देखती थी, वो सब कितना खूबसूरत लगता था, मानो जैसे सपना हो । मैंने The Wedding Portrait पर भरोसा किया और मेरे शादी का एल्बम भी उतना ही खूबसूरत बना ।

मेरे जीवन के कुछ सबसे बेहतरीन निर्णयों में से एक the wedding portrait को अपनी बेटी के शादी में कैमरा डिपार्टमेंट का कार्यभार सौपना रहा । इन्होंने हमारे परिवार को यादों का पूरा गुलदस्ता कुछ तस्वीर और वीडियो के रूप में भेंट किया है ।


My Association with the wedding portrait completely changed my perception of what recordings in marriages means. The quality of service and the level of excellence this team provides is unmatched.

Choose this team, and people watching your marriage album will envy you for the fantastic choice you made in choosing your photographer.

I would highly recommend ‘The wedding portrait’. just honesty, No exaggeration.

Your dream is our passion- The Wedding Portrait

The day of your marriage is one of the most important days of your life.  In a sense, this day marks the beginning of your new life, in your life, your spouse enters.  Whole family and relatives gather.  Everybody blesses the new couple. There is a high tide of emotions.  These moments deserve immortality. Your wedding should be captured perfectly, with beautiful moments created by a photographer and his camera.

“The Wedding portrait” is here to assist you in capturing your beautiful moments as an immortal frame. Check out our work and contact us if you would like us to be a part of your amazing journey. Reflecting your beautiful moments through our lenses is what we love doing because “Your dream is our passion”.

Wedding Portrait Team